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Carrigan Chantz Since You Asked

November 7, 201522 min
I've lived my life one way being a radio on-air talent. Make sure every break counts. You never know how a single thought can reach beyond the knobs on the control board. Singer/songwriter Carrigan Chantz is proof of that. In the 1980's he was that teenager that endlessly called in night after night requesting songs. But it wasn't always because he called it a favorite. Carrigan was studying the art of how the artist brought their sound to an over saturated airwaves. Through his loyalty to music he's just released his third album. Sitting back for a moment after our conversation I was given a deep thought to hold onto, "What if I hadn't taken the time to listen to this kids musical dreams and aspirations? What if I had gotten tired of him calling night after night?" If only those on the radio playing their upbeat songs while squeezing jokes in between took a more serious look at the stage they truly present. It's not about the radio disc jockey. It's the continuation of the

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