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Cass R Sunstein The World According To Star Wars

July 23, 201613 min
Inspired by conversations with his young son, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO STAR WARS asks: Why have the movies become the defining tale of our time? In answering that question, he offers a deep, timeless, and uncharacteristically personal look at Lucas’s masterpiece as it applies to history, politics, behavioral economics, and of course fatherhood. The STAR WARS series, Sunstein argues, is all about freedom of choice: it explores the clouded nature of the future, the dismal failures of plans, the surprising success of rebellions, and the inevitability, in our lives and our society, of “I am your father” moments, which cast a new light on everything that has gone before. Sunstein illustrates this theme by reference to large and unanticipated movements in our culture, our law, our business, and our politics (including presidential elections) -- and to the genesis of STAR WARS itself. “Impossible to see, the future is,” says Yoda; this is the secret theme of STAR WARS and the found

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