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Christopher Moore Secondhand Souls

September 20, 201513 min
CHRISTOPHER MOORE is the author of fourteen previous novels, including Lamb, The Stupidest Angel, A Dirty Job, Fool, Sacré Bleu and The Serpent of Venice. When he’s not writing, Chris enjoys ocean kayaking, scuba diving, photography, and painting with acrylics and oils. He lives in San Francisco. Over the last 15 books, bestselling author CHRISTOPHER MOORE has wowed readers with tremendously hilarious, heartwarming and zany stories about everything from Jesus' “missing years” (with the funny parts left in) in Lamb, to government conspiracies and the deep humor in whale researcher’s lives in Fluke, to a satirical take on the Bard of Avon in Fool. Now, Christopher returns with a delightfully funny sequel to his 2006 bestseller A DIRTY JOB! It's called: SECONDHAND SOULS! And on SEPTEMBER 16, Christopher will tell you how he uses humor to tackle serious issues like death, violence, suicide, the afterlife, religion, parenting and partnerships!! And how it's so helpful and effec

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