Unplugged & Totally Uncut

CJ Box Author Of Vicious Circle

March 21, 201714 min
Dallas Cates has always been trouble. The only member of a malevolent family to make something of himself, Dallas squandered his talent and celebrity as a rodeo champion and landed in state prison after he messed with the wrong girl, Joe Pickett’s daughter April. The conviction was the culmination of a violent altercation that left three Cateses dead and landed Dallas’s manipulative mother in prison.  Now, Dallas has been released and he blames Joe for everything. When Joe’s cohort Dave Farkus overhears Dallas and his companions plotting against about the Pickett family, he tries to warn the lawman. It is an act that will lead to Farkus’s brutal slaying in the nearby mountains.   Although Dallas is quickly apprehended for the murder, it turns out he inherited his wily mind from his malicious mother and the Pickett family is far from safe. When April’s roommate is attacked and critically wounded by a mysterious woman who seems to have connections to Dallas, it’s obvious that

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