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CJ Box Off The Grid

March 12, 201612 min
OFF THE GRID, the sixteenth Joe Pickett novel by New York Times-bestselling author, C.J. Box, is told with pulse-pounding urgency and insight, a timely look at how terror is found—and fought—in the wild expanses of Wyoming, one of the most untouched parts of the United States. It is that rare thriller that not only holds its reader in an impossibly tight vise grip of action and suspense, but also poses big questions and provokes controversial answers. OFF THE GRID continues the landmark success that C.J. Box launched in 2001 with Open Season, the very first Joe Pickett novel. Over that time, he’s taken on environmental terrorists, rogue federal land managers, animal mutilators, crazed cowboy hitmen, corrupt bureaucrats, homicidal animal rights advocates, and violent dysfunctional families. A decade and a half later, both Box and Pickett are going strong—and proving themselves to be as untamable as the great Wyoming outdoors.

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