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Classic Rock Report April 10 2014

April 10, 20141 min
Classic Rock and television. It's the best mix since the birth sugar meeting Bojangles tea. Ozzy and Gene Simmons weren't new to the sport of prompting reality into the hearts of music fans. Nor will they be the last. Mick Fleetwood's just landed a show. The format: Mick will spend 24 hours with a different person. A variety of professions. Music, entertainment, technology, politics, architecture and more. Fleetwood Mac concert ticket holders shouldn't be worried about the new television show interfering with the band's upcoming tour . #1 Some of the North American cities they'll be playing in will serve as a backdrop. #2 No network has bought the show for it to be displayed. Yet.... Hey with all that drama. Telemundo might try something new

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