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Classic Rock Report Aug 20

August 20, 20151 min
A documentary about a learning-disabled Englishman's pilgrimage to meet his hero, Metallica's Lars Ulrich, will open on both video-on-demand and select theaters on September 25th. Mission to Lars follows Tom Spicer, who has an autism-like disability known as Fragile X Syndrome. His journalist sister and filmmaker brother spring him from his care home and travel to America in search of Ulrich, who Tom obsessively has wanted to meet for 20 years. But what at first seems like a great adventure encounters some stark realities as the trip wears on, before ending on an uplifting note. An interview with Ulrich by Tom's sister, Kate Spicer, is being used to help promote the movie on YouTube. In it, the drummer talks about a pilgrimage he made in 1981 to meet a group he was obsessed with at the time, the British heavy metal band Diamond Head.

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