Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Classic Rock Report Aug 29

August 29, 20141 min
Robert Plant has placed the called. Zeppelin's front man wants his legendary guitarist Jimmy Page to get back to business. It's time to write new music. Plant believes his onetime creative partner needs a friendly public nudge. Jimmy Page has responded. Claiming he’s sitting on lots of new material. But as of late his focus has been on Zeppelin reissues. Why is Robert Plant giving the idea of new music such a big push. This quote says it all, "There's only three or four front men left, from our time, who actually just kick the mic stand up and do it, and that’s me, Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger. Can we contemporize the gift? Can I knock myself out, or am I just going through the motions? Because if I’m going through the motions, I’m f—ed.”

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