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Classic Rock Report December 3 2013

December 3, 20131 min
Keith Richards. Treats his acting career like his constant swigs of music. The Rolling Stone shall gather no moss. Richards' has agreed to appear in the next ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie with Johnny Depp. The fifth movie. ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ puts focuses on the search for the mysterious Trident, which Richards’ character, Teague, apparently knows something about. Filming begins October 2014 Speaking of artists always on the move. Social Networking isn't the only way to promote new music. Paul McCartney knows what his fans like. Then mysteriously appears in the center of the celebration. His most recent promotional event. McCartney sponsored the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan. Which is kind of shocking. In 1966. The Beatles stirred things up in a really bad way when they performed at a martial arts arena in Tokyo. The concert – the first time a Western act had played the venue – was seen by some as offensive to the sport, which holds a sacred place in Japanese society.

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