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Classic Rock Report July 13

July 13, 20151 min
Judas Priest members Richie Faulkner and Ian Hill reacting to a recent poll that suggests heavy metal fans are far less likely to cheat on their spouse. Hill says, "Jazz is...generally very complicated, and [I would] imagine [a lot of the] people involved in it are also complicated. There's a larger threshold for things to go wrong there. But with metal, the way people dress is a certain way — with the hair and the denims and the leathers and what have you — you ain't gonna attract another person that doesn't also look a little bit like that, so there's already an affinity there. You've got an interest right from the start, and it's something to hold on to, together. Even when things are going wrong, at least you've got a common love of music, or a particular type of music." Faulkner says, "I think everyone's loyal to the right person, in that respect. If it's something that connects with you musically or emotionally, I think everyone's as loyal as they can be..." The poll was conduct

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