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Classic Rock Report July 27

July 27, 20151 min
Geddy Lee of Rush. The bands Classic Rock impact led to the R40 40th Anniversary tour. But on a personal living in the past isn't his path. Tonight is their final show on the R40 40th anniversary tour. For singer-bassist Geddy Lee, this has been a trip of mixed emotions. Geddy Lee of Rush considers the impact of nostalgia on the band. "I'm always conflicted looking backwards. I think it's an unhealthy thing in a band to look backwards too often. I think one of the secrets of us being able to move forward so comfortably is that we don't look backwards that often. We just keep our eyes on what is the next exciting thing for us to do." Geddy Lee on one of the ways he would like to see Rush continue to perform. OC:...realm of possibility. "Listen, I'm up for anything. I would love to do, you know, special events where you kind of design a particular show built around a particular concept and that's something that's certainly in the realm of possibility." So until then, Rush fans will

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