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Classic Rock Report July 30

July 30, 20141 min
Paul Stanley of KISS says it best. It's the music "business." What happens when business deals go bad? Can the Maker's of Classic Rock disappear just as quickly as mob figures in a Martin Scorsese film? Author Terry Rawlings thinks so. He's pushing hard to prove Brian Jones. Co-founder of the Rolling Stones was knocked off by Frank Thorogood. A contractor locked into a bad deal. Terry Rawlings penned out the evidence in his book Who Killed Christopher Robbins. Claiming Thorogood confessed to the deed on his deathbed. But it gets even deeper. The alleged argument that led to the death of Brian Jones has been said to have started because of Keith Richards and Mic Jagger fighting over the naming rights of the Rolling Stones. Who Killed Christopher Robbins? You watch enough CSI. Time to find some Satisfaction.

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