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Classic Rock Report March 20th

March 20, 20141 min
Neal Schon of Journey. Isn't the type of Classic Rocker that finds pleasure in sitting around. Not only is there a new Journey album on the way but he's teamed up with Carlos Santana and mixing down a Neal Schon solo project. The CD is called So U... It's a fushion between hard rock and the blues. Featuring Marco Mendoza from Ted Nugent's band, Journey's drummer Dean Castronovo... Look for So U from Neal Schon on May 19th _______ Talk about drama before during and after a KISS. Their Hall of Fame induction continues to resemble a battle between the Hatfields and the McCoys. The Hall says the induction is for all four members. Simmons and Stanley said they won't play. The Hall says OK. But they hope Peter and ACE show up for what they've rightfully earned. Can I ask a personal question here? Is this real or is this Gene Simmons creating drama to get people to watch? He is the master of promotions.

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