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Classic Rock Report November 1 2013

November 1, 20131 min
Classic Rock blasting through the surface of reality on an IMAX screen. Is proving to be. Bigger than 3-D. Next in line. Rush. One night only. November 18th. Regal Stonecrest. Getty Lee and gang are convinced fans of the band will love it more. IMAX is 100 times bigger than the best flat screen connected to a spinning DVD. The concert footage comes from performances in Dallas and Phoenix. Plus exclusive backstage shots and interviews with Canada's most famous trio. If you're about to see the Eagles on the 15th. Don't be shocked if the house begins to rock when Joe Walsh steps out to play Life's Been Good. The tune is currently within the midst of a rebirth. Hip Hop bad guy Eminem has pulled off yet another sample. It's his second this year. Billy Squire's The Stroke has once again become a Pop Kids pirated download. Warning the video is very adult: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/joe-walsh-eminem-sample/

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