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Classic Rock Report Peter Wolf April 25th

April 25, 20161 min
Peter Wolf says the title of his new album A Cure for Loneliness is a personal statement. Peter Wolf discusses his new album A Cure for Loneliness. "Music has been my constant cure... for loneliness. And so, it's a collection of just a lot of new songs I've written and some favorite roots songs that have been with me all my life." One of the standout cuts is a very different version of the J. Geils Band favorite "Love Stinks." At first, that wasn't a song he planned to include on the album. Peter Wolf on his reboot of the J Geils song "Love Stinks." "We were taping live and that was not planned. We were backstage fooling around. I think a little bit of Kentucky's finest -- everyone was having a little sip of this and that. And so on stage, I just called out, started singing 'Love Stinks,' and the band started following me. People enjoyed it so much, we decided to put it on the record. But it wasn't planned that way." Wolf is getting ready to head "north, west, east and south" on a

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