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Claudia Rowe The Spider And The Fly

January 26, 201716 min
Our cultural fascination with crime, demonstrated with the runaway success of “Making a Murderer,” “The Jinx” and “Serial” is rooted in questions about humanity itself. THE SPIDER AND THE FLY: A Reporter, a Serial Killer, and the Meaning of Murder by Claudia Rowe (January 24, 20176 - Dey Street Books Hardcover), is a spellbinding account of Rowe’s unusual connection with a convicted serial killer and her search to understand the darkness inside all of us. In September 1998, Rowe was a young reporter working as a stringer for the New York Times in Poughkeepsie, New York when local police, confounded by two years of missing-women reports, discovered eight decayed bodies stashed in the home where Kendall Francois lived with his mother, father and teenage sister. The corpses were found only after Kendall, a painfully polite twenty-seven-year-old, confessed while being booked for something far more routine. He fit few traditional descriptions of a serial murderer, and many in Poughkeepsi

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