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Colonel Cole C. Kingseed Conversation

November 11, 201414 min
Fifty years after the end of World War II, Dick Winters suddenly found himself thrust into the spotlight after the publication of Band of Brothers and the internationally successful television miniseries that followed it that focused on him as the main “character.” A quiet, reluctant hero, Dick Winters’ modesty and strength which drew him admirers among his men half a century before as Major Dick Winters, commander of Easy Company, now was felt by millions worldwide. Colonel (Ret.) Cole Kingseed, a veteran himself, befriended Dick Winters in the last years of his life and was the last person Winters allowed into his exclusive inner circle of friends. He spoke with him openly about his life and upbringing in Hershey, PA, his wartime experience – from parachuting into Normandy, to the turmoil of D-Day, to the final capture of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest and the announcement of the end of the war – and what followed. In CONVERSATIONS WITH MAJOR DICK WINTERS, Kingseed presents Winters’ candid

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