Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Conductor Albert George Schram

November 26, 20138 min
Most people dream of one day meeting a Rock or Country star. They're inspired and or influenced by their passions in the performance. I love our Charlotte Symphony! The vibration of sight and sound could and wouldn't be as motivation if it wasn't for Conductor Albert George Schram. He's animated. His desires are to bring out a performance and let it touch not only the front row but the very tippy tip top of the Blumanthal Performing Arts Center. I'd love to the see the numbers on the amount of non-symphony visitors that instantly became fans of not only the multitudes of talent sharing their gifts. But he who is Conductor Albert George Schram. The Magic Of Christmas December 5-8th http://charlottesymphony.org/ http://www.charlottesymphony.org/Conductors.asp

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