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Cormac O'Brien The Secret Lives Of US Presidents

February 17, 20178 min
Before there was the Comedy Central series Drunk History, there was the classic Quirk compendium of presidential biographies: Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents: Strange Stories and Shocking Trivia from Inside the White House (Quirk Books; February 7, 2017; $16.95). In this revised edition, Cormac O’Brien takes readers on an uncensored chapter-by-chapter journey of America’s most powerful men, providing fun facts and quirky trivia along the way. With new material, including a chapter on the newest commander in chief, O’Brien uncovers the weird and often outrageous truths that history textbooks don’t cover. Readers will discover many interesting details, including: Written in the Stars: Following the attempted assassination of Ronald Regan, his wife, Nancy, took to astrology to determine future good and bad days in office. Crass Act: Lyndon B. Johnson enjoyed taking his house guests on drunken 90-mile-an-hour rides through the countryside. It’s in the Cards: Warren G. Harding once l

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