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Country Music Newcomers Native Run

July 24, 20149 min
Pegging Show Dog-Universal Music country duo Native Run is tougher than it might seem. "Very instrument-driven with acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin," suggests the pair's Rachel Beauregard. "Country themes and very sing-able choruses." Bryan Dawley, her partner in music, appends, "We value songs that take common experiences and translate them in new and interesting ways. Things like love, heartache and life, but with our fingerprint on them." Getting closer. Maybe an understanding of some influences would help. "We really admire Keith Urban and Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek), because we gravitate toward exceptional playing, melodic hooks and vocals that really connect," Beauregard continues. "We love layers of sound and melodies ... a lot of that comes from bluegrass, as well as Bryan's classical training. It adds up to a very unique sound." Unique, how? Perhaps a bona fide expert could provide context. "They are such a mix in terms of the acoustic instrumentation and popular sens

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