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Curt Menefee Losing Isn't Everything

December 8, 201614 min
Every sports fan recalls with amazing accuracy a pivotal winning moment involving a favorite team or player—Henry Aaron hitting his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth; Christian Laettner’s famous buzzer beating shot in the NCAA tournament for Duke. Yet rarely does the focus on the losing side of these moments extend beyond the post-game interview—lost are the stories of the people who experienced not the thrill of victory but the agony of defeat. For decades, the brightest moments in sports history have been written by the victors—until now. In LOSING ISN’T EVERYTHING (Dey Street Books; Hardcover; On Sale: 11/1/2016), famed sportscaster and FOX NFL Sunday host Curt Menefee, joined by bestselling writer Michael Arkush, examines some of the most pivotal moments in sports history and turns them on their heads. Interviewing the subject at the heart of each loss, Menefee uncovers what it means—months, years, or decades later—to be associated with failure. Full of never before told stories

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