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Darren Davis Ozzy Comic Book

March 1, 201529 min
Portland, Oregon - Bond. James Bond. The fictional character is synonymous with action, intrigue, beautiful women, and maniacal despots bent on world destruction. The life of 007's creator, Ian Fleming, proved to be a template for his greatest creation. This week, Bluewater explores the man behind the myth, or should we say the man who is a myth? The 28-page comic biography, “Orbit: Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond,” was written by Matthew J. Elliot and features art by Ross Bampfylde. The comic book explores the life of the man responsible for one of the most enduring literary and cinematic adventure characters. Fleming, a British author and journalist, also served as a British Naval Intelligence author. This experience fueled stories rife with intrigue, danger, and secrets. Fleming’s eleven Bond novels rank among the best-selling fiction novels of all time, and his children’s story, “Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang” has been adapted into feature films and for the Broadway stage. Bio

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