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Darryl McDaniels Ten Ways Not To Commit Suicide

July 7, 201610 min
Legendary artist Darryl DMC McDaniels had it all—public adulation, the respect of his peers, money, and celebrity status. But, it all imploded when, overwhelmed by such success at a young age, he sank into a world of depression, alcoholism, and regular thoughts of suicide. In his brutally frank memoir, TEN WAYS NOT TO COMMIT SUICIDE (Amistad/an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers/on sale July 5, 2016; $26.99), McDaniels recounts his slide into emotional darkness and the ways he worked to rise out of his depression and embrace the gift of life. McDaniels’s story has particular resonance in our time, with a rising epidemic of suicide among black men. Indeed, suicide is the #3 leading cause of death among African Americans. McDaniels was just a kid from Queens, New York when he exploded on the music scene as part of the superstar rap group Run-DMC. But, “for years, I hated waking up,” he writes. Depression became McDaniels’s constant companion. He started to drink heavily after years of b

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