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Daryl Brown My Father The Godfather 3

August 5, 20149 min
Waldorf Publishing is excited to be releasing the new book “Inside the Godfather”, Never Before Told Stories of James Brown by His Inner Circle. Written by: Daryl Brown, the son of James Brown and Michael P. Chabries. If you think you know the soul truth about James Brown, think again! “Inside the Godfather” is a history changing book, but most importantly Daryl Brown will set the record straight about his dad, James Brown, The Godfather of Soul! Stories that have NEVER been told such as: Did you know that James Brown, The Godfather of Soul was offered over ten million dollars to convert to a certain religion? Daryl Brown believes that his dad…James Brown, his brother-in-law and his older brother Teddy were murdered. Despite what Mick Jagger and the movie “Get on Up” would have you believe – James Brown never discharged a weapon during the insurance seminar prior to James Brown’s arrest ending him up in prison. Primary concern of James Brown was that he was being robbed. Michael

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