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Dave Broome from The Briefcase

June 17, 20158 min
All across America, families are finding ways to get by with less - putting off ballet lessons and football camp for their children and vacations and retirement for themselves. They are stretching their dollars and rising to the challenge of shrinking paychecks. Many folks have become stronger in these tough times, surviving on love, finding humor and deepening their faith. THE BRIEFCASE will follow two deserving families that have been dealt a tough hand. They will be given a briefcase with one hundred thousand dollars inside, and face a life altering decision. They can keep all of the money, some of the money, or none of the money. Whatever they don’t keep will go to a family in as much need as they are. What they don’t know is that the family they are considering giving money to was also given a briefcase. THE BRIEFCASE is a social experiment that will make you question what really matters in your life… For our two deserving families, the money could change their lives, but the jour

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