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David Soucie Malaysia Flight 370

March 1, 201522 min
David B Soucie is CNN aviation and safety analyst. He's worked in the cockpit, on the hanger floor, crash sites, within the aviation boardroom, and inside the Washington D.C. beltway. He's seen death up close and personal. Author of Why Planes Crash: An Accident Investigator's Fight for Safe Skies. He is a former FAA and FAA Accident Inspector. • What can be done to assure commercial airplanes don't literally disappear? • How many people must vanish or die before meaningful changes are mandated by regulatory authorities? • Who is responsible for making safety improvements mandatory? • Why hasn't something been done to assist search and rescue teams respond quickly to downed aircraft? • All of these accidents with Asian airlines - it safe to fly in Asia? • Is there something seriously wrong with the safety regulatory system when it can't implement the simplest remedy to this deadly risk even when it rests on the graves of hundreds and hundreds of innocent lives? ABOUT DAVID SOUCIE Da

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