Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Dee Wallace Actress Author

May 1, 201413 min
Motivation can sometimes be the most misunderstood path. It's not that we don't know what it means. We just haven't figured out how to use the energy it generates. It becomes too easy to move back into those old pair of slippers. Some people ready novels and autobiographies. Others feast on the colorful curves of comics and fantasy. I've always loved books of motivation. To take what's being offered. And put air in its tires. To try out the spin in the wheels. To twist of the soul. The bend in the knees. Then put it outside this shell. As if to be giving away a slice of hot fresh southern style pecan pie. Dee Wallace is a blast! Instead of racing into the pages expecting an instant change. Spend every day discovering incredible things about yourself. The energy is mind blowing. The excitement of feeling great about tomorrow is worth reaching for. No matter where you travel. Vampires will suck the life right out of your dreams. Dee Wallace makes being you. Advent

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