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Duff McKagan How To Be A Man

May 16, 20158 min
I believe in one philosophy. Share your story or someone will write it for you. Living life. Be it hard. Challenged or vibrantly productive. While in motion. It doesn't seem like a challenge. Until the darker side of your soul become infected with a burning itch. It's fired up the engines connected to the imagination. And even though it feels like hell to put pen to paper and or finger prints on a computer keyboard. That skyscraping mountain is calling for you to access its sun. From the book: One wouldn't usually turn to a veteran of Guns N' Roses for advice on how to live, but Duff McKagan is not a typical rock musician. As chronicled in the New York Times bestseller It's So Easy (and other lies), Duff got sober at thirty, went back to school, got smart about money, fell in love, became a father, and got his life back on track. Through trial and considerable error, Duff has learned to strike the balance between family and work, travel and contentment, financial aptitud

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