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Dylan Jakobsen One Man Rodeo

January 19, 201513 min
Dylan Jakobsen may only be 21 years old but you wouldn’t know it from his music. From starting out as a high school pop rock artist to transitioning into the indie pop world and finally settling on a more mature, country rock sound, Dylan has had a taste of it all. “Nothing’s ever felt more right.” Said Dylan when asked: why country now? “I'm just creating the kind of music I love and country’s become a part of me.” Dylan uses feel good harmonica songs and pedal steel enriched story telling to captivate his audience within the music. “I want to paint a story people feel like they've become a part of in each song.” He writes about love, growing up, life's struggles and just plain living. He focuses on constantly improving himself as a musician by not only being able to play guitar, but also the harmonica, drums, piano, pedal steel, mandolin and the banjo; skills he uses when writing and recording all the parts on his records. Dylan isn’t a one-man show though; he has a live backing band

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