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Eddy Rivas Red Vs Blue The Ultimate Guide

December 4, 20158 min
Dey Street Books is proud to announce the publication of RED VS BLUE: The Ultimate Fan Guide by Rooster Teeth, Eddy Rivas, and Burnie Burns (On Sale: November 17, 2015; ISBN: 9780062355782; $19.99). Part backstage pass, part love-letter to fans, and part gamer encyclopedia, RED VS BLUE is an in-depth look at the inner workings of a cultural phenomenon. Video games have moved far beyond being a niche interest; for many, they are a passion, a frequent hobby—and for many more, they have become a spectator sport. Outlets such as Amazon’s Twitch TV, or YouTube’s newly-launched gaming channel provide platforms for millions of fans to watch world-class or amateur players go through their favorite video games, and events such as the rapidly sold-out League of Legends Championship at Madison Square Garden prove that this is a sensation not strictly limited to the dark corners of the internet. Millennials who flocked to web series in droves and made YouTube a billion dollar company are frantical

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