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Elle Luna The Crossroads

April 19, 201510 min
The Crossroads of Should and Must (Workman; April 2015, $16.95) is a deeply personal yet universally inspiring book that combines the author’s uniquely compelling artwork and story with a heartfelt call to action, parts of which have already motivated thousands of readers. The Crossroads of Should and Must guides us from the small moment -- discovering our MUST – the action that we feel most called to perform, to the big moment—actually doing something about it and sharing it with the world. Elle give practical advice for finding your calling while supporting yourself, as she guides the reader through soul-searching, self-discovery, brainstorming, and ultimately action. Elle’s voice and message are beacons for anyone who has decided they must live a life in which they grow and thrive. After years as a designer working with teams at Uber, Ideo, and Mailbox, Elle faced her own crossroads. In a powerful Medium post that went viral, Elle detailed the realization that despite her p

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