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Elvis Costello Unfaithful Music

October 17, 201512 min
Elvis Costello is one of the most distinctive and innovative popular songwriters and performers of the last four decades. In his long-awaited, unconventional, and unforgettable memoir, UNFAITHFUL MUSIC & DISAPPEARING INK (Blue Rider Press; Publication Date: October 13, 2015), he explores the private and emotional foundation of his music, and the influence of three generations of his family’s history upon both the artist and the man. Costello also provides a unique, incidental survey of modern pop history, as he shares anecdotes about his many illustrious collaborators and reflects on the vagaries of fame. “A lot of people have got spoilt and ruined by sudden success and pushing too hard,” he writes. “I thought I was an exception but I wasn’t as smart or in control as I pretended to be.” [p. 371] The Grammy Award-winning recording artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee found his way into the English music scene in late ‘70s. Musically dynamic, lyrically intricate, and sometimes

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