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Gary Hart The Republic Of Conscience

July 19, 201513 min
“Gary Hart’s THE REPUBLIC OF CONSCIENCE is a thought-provoking analysis of modern American democracy and how powerful special interests have impacted our national security and civil society. It’s a must-read from one of the brightest minds of his generation.” —Senator John McCain “Gary Hart may be out of office but he’ s not out of ideas. This provocative analysis is a welcome addition to the national dialogue that should take place in both parties, the news media and the electorate as we head into another presidential election with a political system so broken it is shameful.”—Tom Brokaw “This is a passionate and powerful plea for us Americans to recover the democratic-republican principles of the founders, a plea that is made all the more effective by the book’s clear and forceful prose. The idealism that runs through the book is not utopian; it is firmly grounded in the extensive civic experience of the author and in his clear-eyed appreciation of the realities of our twenty-first c

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