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Gordon G.G. Gebert KISS and Tell

April 15, 201410 min
Bob McAdams and Gordon G.G. Gebert have been asked that question more times than they care to remember, each having the dubious distinction of being members of the KISS inner circle. People never seem to get enough of all their outrageous stories and finally after re-telling these tales about Ace Frehley and KISS for the umpteen thousandth time - Bob and Gordon decided to tell their stories one last time in KISS and Tell! This book exposes the hidden reality of some of Rock and Roll’s most excessive characters: * Gene Simmons * Paul Stanley * Ace Frehley * Peter Criss * Bob McAdams became Paul Frehley’s closest childhood friend around 1963 and remained friends to adulthood where each served as Best Man at each other’s weddings. Gordon G.G. Gebert became Bob’s successor as best friend and cohort with Ace in 1985 until Gordon and Ace’s controversial falling out in 1993. Together, they have put to pen the most fascinating expose’ in recent memory, full of candid details surrounding the lives of rock and roll’s most secretive band, whose superstar status was perhaps the least interesting aspect of their twisted persona. Yes, it’s about the power, fame, money, sex and madness associated with rock and roll and the lives of those who came in contact with these living legends (and everything you’d expect from the world’s greatest rock band on the planet.) But better still, there is a comic insanity in these episodes that go beyond cartoon characters or the fictional members of Spinal Tap than actual human beings. KISS and Tell is the epitome of the classic cliche truth is stranger than fiction! Here is a behind the scenes view of KISS with inside stories they wouldn’t want you to know. ABOUT GORDON G.G. GEBERT (in his own words) A candid conversation with the musician turned author of the most controversial tell-all rock book to come along since Hammer of the Gods, Hit Men, and I’m With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie. “Controversy has become my middle name. Can I handle it? The real question is CAN YOU?” Author of the hit book KISS & TELL and now a sequel, KISS & TELL MORE!, Gordon G.G. Gebert shows more balls than Bill Clinton under fire but with a sense of humor and, unlike the comparison, with a blunt honesty you have to admire. “I’ve done more than 400 radio interviews and I truly enjoyed every single one. But I love when an interviewer connects and gets on a roll. It creates magic and great comedy. When KISS & TELL initially came out, it struck a major nerve in the die-hard KISS fan community and the hate mail poured in. You know you’ve made some kind of impact when you get a pant-load of hate mail. Mother Theresa probably received hate mail. My favorite veiled death threat was ‘If you show up at a KISS Convention you are braver than Salmon Rushdie’. I didn’t know that a KISS fan knew who Salmon Rushdie was.” KISS & TELL’s straightforward verbage has the feel of two New Yawkers telling stories in the local bar over a few brews. “I’m pretty jaded being a well traveled musician from New York, but when a gorgeous female reader approached me to sign my book and, as I placed my John Hancock on it, she enlightened me that she pleasured herself while reading a chapter. I admit it, both heads swelled. I asked her ‘Which chapter?’ “ Gordon’s musical resume had him on stage, getting blown up playing keyboards with Motley Crew one night - and the following evening playing with an Elvis impersonator in a local hotel. “I love performing, entertaining, and creating music. Being creative in anything is the best job in life. If I ever start slinging burgers at the local McDonald’s do me a favor, just shoot me. One of the coolest moments in my life was when my idol, Keith Emerson, asked me to autograph his personal copy of KISS & TELL.” As a world traveler, Gordon has gone to the far reaches of the world in Asia, Europe and even a trip to the North Pole. France is a cool place to visit. A beautiful country. Only problem is there are too many

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