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Grayson Rogers All Fired Up

July 22, 20145 min
What’s a good way to say you’re excited? Pumped? Ready for action? If you ask Grayson Rogers, the answer is “All Fired Up”. And that’s exactly what their debut album is called. All Fired Up hits the world on September 16, 2014 with no shortage of energetic, fun, and refreshing songs. Ten tracks have been meticulously crafted to show listeners how they should be “All Fired Up” about this album too! “We have a blast at every show we play,” says Grayson Rogers, “from a little bar to a big stage, we bring a party each and every time. I get such a rush every time we play, and I do my best to make sure the crowd experiences the same rush I do. I believe this album will provide that rush every time you hit play.” Guitarist C.J. Sutton adds, “I live and breathe music, and I know it’s the same for a lot of people out there. We just want to connect with people on that basic level of loving music for what it is.” Their first album debuts a variety of country music styles, including some he

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