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Have You Met YoYo

April 28, 201437 min
It started with a phone call in late autumn 2011. Yo's dad was starting to realize the dream of a studio of his own. The conversation went on about what fun it would be to go there next summer and record some music that we could write, and fun has always been a keyword in our working relationship. We had been writing a few songs together about ten years before this when we both worked at the same school as teachers in music and English, but life separated us geographically and we're living in different parts of the country now. However, we have always kept in contact throughout the years. Now seemed to be the right time for us to get serious. Then we set up a timetable. We would be writing separately to begin with and send the songs to each other for comments, processing and changes until February 2012. In February Yo would take a flight and spend a couple of days with Yo and his family in order to finish the writing process and make some music together from scratch and of cour

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