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Ian Anderson Jethro Tull

June 20, 201414 min
Ian Anderson born on August, 10, 1947 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, is the most famous and innovative flute-player of last 40 year. Anderson also it has got out of a jam itself like singer, composer, and multi instrumentalist, that include acoustic and electrical guitars, saxophone, organ, drum, keyboards, bagpipe, violin, balalaika, clarinet, and great variety of whistles. He is the lider and creator of the rock band Jethro Tull. As flute-player, Anderson is self-taught and his style there was inspired for other recognized flute-player, Rahsaan Roland Kirk. In 1963 he formed The Blades with his companions of studies Barriemore Barlow (drum), John Evan (keyboards), Jeffrey Hammond Hammond (bass guitar) and Michael Stephens (guitar). The Blades was a band of soul and blues, with Anderson like singer and harmonica player. In 1965 the group turned into The John Evan Band with a major formation. It dissolved two years after when Anderson had to move to Luton. In his new city of residence

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