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Ian Walters Headphone Hair

July 29, 201616 min
Headphone Hair: Headphone Hair is something I’ve been building on my own for the past couple of years. Although I’ve been writing songs with friends and other instruments since high school, I learned guitar three years ago when I hurt my knee rock climbing and I’ve started liking my own songs more ever since. Until very recently the project has just been about learning a new instrument and learning/exploring the recording gear, while trying to find a way to relax after teaching during the school year. With the help of two friends, Rob Marshall and Nic Gracia of The Canvas Group in Concord, CA, I’ve been able to improve the production and start making things that I think other people could enjoy. The artwork was made by my good friends Thelonious Elliott and Stacey Gabriel. The project name came from the fact that the only thing I’ve ever been able to show anyone for all the hours of work and frustration has been messy hair. I also connect with music the most after work, when I can just

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