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Jack CoughlinShock Factor

November 1, 201419 min
When Jack Coughlin penned his riveting New York Times bestselling memoir, Shooter, readers were exposed for one of the first times ever to the misunderstood world of the American sniper force. Coughlin discussed not only the intense strategy of the sniper but also how the silent, singular act takes a unique and different type of toll on a soldier. With his first nonfiction book since that memoir, Coughlin and co-author John R. Bruning, reflect back on Coughlin’s extraordinary career as the top ranked Marine sniper, while also exploring the lives and careers of some of America’s most effective snipers, some still currently on active duty, during key missions and campaigns in the war on terror in, SHOCK FACTOR: American Snipers in the War on Terror. What is Shock Factor? In Jack Coughlin’s words, "It’s the breaking down of psychological defenses in battle where a sniper is involved. Those in the sniper’s crosshairs think, "It can’t hit me. The odds are with me. They aren’t aiming at me."

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