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Jake Anderson Relapse

September 8, 20148 min
Jake Anderson is well-known as one of the longtime stars of Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-winning reality show “Deadliest Catch,” which chronicles crab fishermen battling the cruel Bering Sea in Alaska. But away from the cameras, Anderson was battling another deadly adversary: substance abuse. This month, he released his autobiography, “Relapse.” It covers his struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse as an aspiring skateboarder and commercial fisherman. Anderson said some of the issues started in 1999 when he suffered a serious injury that threatened his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. “I kind of gave up on everything,” he said. Before then, he had occasionally used marijuana and drank alcohol. But he began to take pills and even used methamphetamine. When he decided to try and get back into skateboarding, he started taking the stimulant Adderall. Anderson said at the time he thought the drugs were helping him become a better skater when really they were standing in

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