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Jamie Smith Gray Work

April 12, 201517 min
This April readers will finally get a look inside the secret lives of America’s private warriors and their covert work around the world when William Morrow releases the highly anticipated and unprecedented memoir GRAY WORK: Confessions of an American Paramilitary Spy by Jamie Smith (William Morrow Hardcover; April 7, 2015; $27.99), a paramilitary contractor with more than two decades of experience. As founding director of Blackwater Security, one of the most successful global private security-contracting firms, and then as head of his own company, Smith has helped shape a decade of war. He argues that the men and women who serve in this gray area between the public and the private worlds are transforming the art and science of modern warfare—and that they have become indispensable. Combining the thrilling narrative of an international spy thriller with bracing boots-on-the-ground realism, GRAY WORK follows Smith through grinding CIA training and his career as an operative, his work wi

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