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Jason Flom Wrongful Convictions

November 14, 201618 min
Lava chief Jason Flom, who has long been an advocate for reform of the criminal-justice system, has earned a strong reception with his new podcast, Wrongful Conviction. The series, touted as a tale of "tragedy, triumph, unequal justice and actual innocence," joined the Top 50 podcasts on iTunes and is now featured alongside high-profile offerings from Bill Maher and NPR. Launched in collaboration with production company reVolver, Wrongful Conviction is a 10-episode series featuring interviews with exonerated men and women who have spent many long years in prison for crimes they did not commit. Season one of Wrongful Conviction sits down with several exonerees and the people fighting to overturn wrongful convictions around the country, including Raymond Santana, Doug Dilosa, Derrick Hamilton and Fernando Bermudez. “Creating this podcast has been an emotional roller coaster for me. It's also been a tremendous privilege to interview, document and help draw attention to the unimaginable

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