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Jeff Kober China Beach DVD

May 6, 201413 min
Kober was born in Billings, Montana. He may be best known as Dodger in China Beach and as Daedalus in the short-lived cult horror series Kindred: The Embraced. Kober has made guest appearances on such television series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, 24, The Closer, and Criminal Minds. He plays Jacob Hale, Jr. in the FX series Sons of Anarchy and Joe in the AMC series The Walking Dead. (NOTE: Joe is the character that got his throat ripped out by Rick on the Walking Dead season finale) Kober's film career includes roles in Out of Bounds (1986), in which he played Roy Gaddis, a small-time drug dealer with murderous inclinations. This role led to more film opportunities in The First Power (1990), Tank Girl (1995), World Without Waves (2001), Defining Maggie (2002), and the 2007 remake of The Hills Have Eyes II. Kober has also appeared in several short independent films—the Academy Award winning Sessions Man and Lucid (20

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