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John McLemore BBQ and Smokers

May 5, 20164 min
Mesquite, Hickory, Apple…each delivers a different flavor. FINALLY, SOMEONE IS TEACHING THE DELICIOUS DIFFERENCE! May is National BBQ Month and best-selling cookbook "Dadgum, That's Good" author John McLemore is the BBQ expert! From the wood, to the seasoning, to the right cuts of meat, your listeners WILL master their own backyard BBQ! WHEN: TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016 7:45 AM TO 11:45 AM ET Everyone loves the taste of good BBQ, but no one wants to stand over a hot grill and babysit the food. Smoking is the key to a fool-proof BBQ. John will discuss all the different techniques they can use for making great BBQ - brining, dry rub seasoning, and the best sauces. John will tell what types of wood can be used for different flavor profiles and which woods pair best with which foods. John will discuss: What cuts of meat produce the best flavors for BBQ How wood can be used to enhance the flavor of your BBQ The seasonings that can be used to create different dishes this summe

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