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John W Dean The Nixon Defense

June 3, 201513 min
The Nixon Defense is not only a compelling and historic account of Watergate itself, but a stunning portrait of Nixon and his aides, along with the cynicism, paranoia, and vindictiveness that were so often the driving forces of the president and his inner circle. The Nixon Defense is an unprecedented examination of what brought down a president, and will stand as the authoritative account of Watergate. About the Author: JOHN W. DEAN was a legal counsel to President Nixon during the Watergate scandal, and his Senate testimony lead to Nixon’s resignation. In 2006, Dean testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee investigating George W. Bush’s NSA warrantless wiretap program. He teaches a continuing legal education program throughout the country, drawing on the lessons of Watergate, and his political/legal commentary at Justia.com is widely read. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Blind Ambition, Broken Government, Conservatives Without Conscience and Worse Than Watergat

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