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Josh Weltman Seducing Strangers

April 11, 201513 min
Seducing Strangers: The Little Black Book of Advertising Secrets by Joshua Weltman (Workman Publishing; on sale April 2015; $16.95) is the essential book for advertisers, marketers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, writers, artists, and others looking to make something happen. Drawing from twenty-five years of experience in the advertising world, both as a Creative Director, and as an advertising consultant and co-producer of the hit series MAD MEN, Josh Weltman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the subject. SEDUCING STRANGERS is the culmination of his experiences: an accessible playbook of rules, principles, insights, and anecdotes, all tailored to the fast-changing world of advertising and marketing in the information economy. Acting as mentor, Weltman shares pragmatic advice and tools in a straight-forward, conversational style, including the following: •The Secret Purpose of Advertising is to make people happy, which occurs when expectations are met or exceeded by real

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