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Kenny Loggins Blue Sky Riders

July 30, 201411 min
Wanna Fund "Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders' New Album? Check Out Their Kickstarter.com Campaign, and Also Enter a Chance to Be Their Opening Act!** Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr are the BLUE SKY RIDERS Kenny and Blue Sky Riders (Kenny Loggins' new band) are funding their new album on kickstarter! Check out Kickstarter.com to see the different gifts based on your participation in the project. For more information, click on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/207968994/kenny-loggins-and-blue-sky-riders-new-studio-album. Kenny and BSR wanted to engage the fans in a new way and circumvent the old school way of how records were made way back when. The band felt that Kickstarter was the perfect platform--since the band is all on "equal footing" without a front man--it is a way to keep the process of funding "democratic." We all know that fans don't blink twice paying for a ticket to see a concert, and by participating in the Kickstarter campaign, fans can participate in

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