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Kitty Bruce 50th Anniversary Of Lenny's Passing

August 3, 20167 min
On August 3, 1966, Lenny Bruce died at the age of 40. Yet his impact on the worlds of comedy, jazz, the beats, and satire is incalculable. His autobiography, How to Talk Dirty and Influence People, remains a brilliant account of his life and the forces that made him at once one of the most important and controversial entertainers. “His scathing attacks on organized religion, politics, the death penalty, race and the ways in which we have chosen to live, made me laugh and made me think,” writes Lewis Black in a new preface. “This book gives us a solid context of what Lenny lived through and had to face. (We complain about the politically correct environment that makes comedy difficult? Are you kidding me?) We are talking about not even being able to tell your jokes without the threat of imprisonment.” In 1964, after being arrested on multiple occasions, Lenny Bruce was prosecuted because of his words and convicted of obscenity. In this book, “Bruce in effect is still arguing his case,

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