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Kunal Nayyar Yes My Accent Is Real

September 21, 201521 min
I began our conversation with a simple statement, "You are the most mysterious man in Hollywood." His reaction and story will captivate your imagination. From the Big Bang Theory I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Raj! Kunal Nayyar on iHeart Radio. Kunal Nayyar’s life, both onscreen and off, can be properly summed up in two words: lovable underdog. Luckily for readers, i>YES, MY ACCENT IS REAL: AND SOME OTHER THINGS I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU (Atria Books; September 15, 2015; $26.00 hardcover) is a much longer book. Nayyar’s literary debut traverses the globe without following a map, by combining autobiographical essays with cocktail napkin scribbles, alphabetized rundowns, and amusing interstitial non sequiturs. The resulting book is refreshingly frank, and offers both homage to Nayyar’s New Delhi childhood and a wry nod to the listicles and first-person storytelling that populate much of the modern Internet landscape. YES, MY ACCENT IS REAL unfurls as an intercontinental journey replete wi

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