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Larry King

April 16, 20147 min
LARRY KING NOW Now in its second season, Larry King's online-only show Larry King Now was just nominated for two Webby Awards. From radio to tv and now to the internet, Larry King continues as an innovator, a trail-blazer, and an icon in the entertainment industry. Larry King, the master interviewer, is available for interview to promote his two online shows Larry King Now (available on Ora.tv and hulu.com) and PoliticKING (available on Ora.tv, hulu.com, and RT). He is available to discuss the changing face of news media as well as his own political views on today's important issues, such as gay rights and the 2016 presidential elections,. This week is Showrunner Week on Larry King Now - which features the creators, executive producers, and writers of today's most popular TV shows. Larry King brings a unique insight and behind-the-scene antidotes that span over 57 years in the broadcasting industry. About Larry King Now Now in its second season, Larry King Now is available online Monday through Thursday on Ora.tv and Hulu. On Hulu.com, the show is one of the top viewed for original programming. The show was recently nominated for the 2014 Webby Awards. In February 2014, Larry King Now had over 4.6 million views total between Ora.tv and Hulu. Past guests include: Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Dalai Lama, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Denzel Washington, Mark Walberg, Matthew McConaughey, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Seth MacFarlane, Morgan Freeman, Colin Farrell, Eric Stonestreet, Betty White, Snoop Lion, Cast of Walking Dead, Seth Green, Jimmy Kimmel, Floyd Mayweather, Danica Patrick, Chris Kluwe, Dana White, Chad Johnson, WWE Superstars, Billy Crystal, Wiz Khalifa, Sharon Stone, Jane Lynch, Hugh Laurie, Bill Hader, Jessica Alba, Donald Rumsfeld, Hugh Laurie, 50 Cent, Backstreet Boys, Oliver Stone, Craig Ferguson, Megan McCain, Edward Norton, Cast of Breaking Bad, Celine Dion and more! About PoliticKING The legendary Larry King brings you inside political arena every week on PoliticKING with headline-making personalities, the hottest issues, behind-the-scenes scoops, and no-hold-bars debates. No one does politics like the King. PoliticKING is available online every Thursday on Ora.tv and hulu.com and also through cable TV on RT. Since its inception, the show has over 30 million total viewers each month online. RT has a global reach of over 620 million people in 100+ countries; in the United States, about 85 million people in key urban areas can watch RT in English and Spanish via cable or satellite, including Comcast, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable. RT is the first television news channel ever to reach [imminently] the one billion views mark on YouTube. Past guests and panelists for PoliticKING include world leaders, policy makers, celebrities, investigative journalists and newmakers of every stripe: Ron Paul, Alan Colmes, the Dalai Lama, Ralph Nadar, Jerry Springer, Jesse Ventura, Dan Rather, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Joe Lieberman, Rudy Giuliani, Greta Van Susteren, "Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory, Dick Cheney, Ben Stein, Donald Trump, and more!

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